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Fissler - Wok Original-Profi Collection® with Metal Lid 30cm

Fissler - Wok Original-Profi Collection® with Metal Lid 30cm

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This Fissler Original Profi Collection Wok has a diameter of 30 cm. It comes with a high lid. The wok has a capacity of 4.1 litres and the the measurement scale on the inside of the pan goes up to 2 litres.
Characterizing about the wok is that it heats up quickly. To make sure the ingredients don't burn you need to keep them moving. You do so by shaking the food and lifting the pan from the heat source. Because of the round shape of the pan and the high edge you can easily shake the food.

This Original Profi Collection wok is enhanced with a unique novogrill surface on the inside of the pan. It also evenly divides the fat, like in a grill pan. So, not only your meat will end up with that nice crispy crust, it will stay juicy on the inside. Especially since the condensation falls back into the pan when you add the special included lid.
Top-quality material pans
The pans from the Fissler Original Profi Collection are made from 18/10 steel. This number represents the percentage of chromium and nickel in the material: 18% chromium and 10% nickel. Chromium is very sustainable and corrosion resistant. It is what prevents the steel from rusting. The nickel ensures that the pans retain their shine and don't become dull.
These 18/10 Fissler pans are ovenproof, up to 230˚C. They are also dishwasher proof.
Remarkable lid from Fissler Original Profi Collection pans
The pans from the Original Profi Collection are enhanced with a specifically designed lid that ensures that the condensation falls back into the pan. This makes the food you prepare extra juicy, and you need to use less water while cooking. Fissler calls this the condensation plus system.

Unique CookStar base
One of the unique features of the Fissler Original Profi Collection pans is the CookStar base. This is a base that is only developed by Fissler. It is comprised of multiple layers of steel. The base absorbs, divides and stores the heat well to make sure it heats up evenly.
Because of the CookStar base the pan can be used on any cooking hob. You can also change the heat source without the base bending.

Other characteristics of these Fissler pans.
Indication of the contents in litres and quarts on the inside of the pan for easy dosage.
Large cold grips that ensure the heat of the pan won't move to the handle. Pay attention when you cook on gas though, because the flame could still heat up the handles. The oven also heats up the handles.
Produced in Germany.

Dimensions & weight
  • Contents  4.1 L
  • Diameter 30 cm
  • Diameter of bottom 14.5 cm
  • Handle length 21.2 cm
  • Height 9 cm
  • Weight 2.3kg

  • Material handle: stainless
  • Lid material : metal
  • Material:  18/10 stainless

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