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Fissler Round Moments Iron Roaster 20cm

Fissler Round Moments Iron Roaster 20cm

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*It is normal for the product to have white marks after opening, it does not affect the normal use, please clean the surface first when using the cookware.*
design concept
Inspired by the dawn and twilight of the day. The ivory white morning, the Burgundy red twilight, the sun rises and the moon sets, and the four seasons pass. What remains unchanged is spending every "eat light" with your lover. The enamel cast iron pot originated in Europe 17 century, it has become an indispensable table pot for European families because of its good-looking appearance and excellent cooking taste. Fissler adheres to the simple but not simple design concept and integrates the German century-old craftsmanship into this pot.

High quality black enamel interior
People regard food as their first priority, and food as their first priority. Cast iron pots can make food explode with "pot gas" and become more fragrant the more you cook it. It is physically less sticky and can fully release the delicious taste of ingredients.

Ingenious pot lid design Fissler sunflower condensation point
The self-circulating shower design with Fissler Sunflower condensation point on the inside of the pot lid allows the steam in the pot to rise and condense back down through the shower point, making the ingredients fresh and delicious.

Unique pot lid design
Ice cubes can be placed on the pot lid to speed up the cycle
It can accelerate the condensation and reflux of water that evaporates food in the pot, making the food tender and juicy and retaining the original flavor of the food.

No matter the stove, the scope of application is suitable for induction cooker/gas stove/electric ceramic stove/electric stove/oven

Chinese and Western food made easy
A good cast iron pan not only makes the food more delicious but also makes the cooking process more enjoyable.


*Any minor color difference varies from the product photos may be due to the lighting for photo shooting, the resolution of the display monitor or personal perception, please refer to the actual product.
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