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Fissler - Levital®+ Comfort Pan (20cm/ 24cm/ 28cm)

Fissler - Levital®+ Comfort Pan (20cm/ 24cm/ 28cm)

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  • Ideal for preparing fine fish, egg dishes, pancakes and dishes that stick easily with little fat
  • Excellent, long-lasting non-stick effect thanks to PFOA-free and water-based Fissler Levital® coating
  • Fissler Comfort pan body with extra-high rim and large frying surface for comfortable, spill-free stirring and turning
  • Exclusive, energy-efficient Fissler Cookstar® base for optimum heat distribution
  • Suitable for all types of cooker including induction

specifically for healthy, low-fat frying
first-class nonstick properties
extremely durable nonstick sealing 
easy to clean
high pan body
extra-large frying surface
ergonomic safety handle 
raised measuring scale
induction-compatible cookstar® all-stove base
5-year guarantee
Nature often provides the best inspiration. Its impressive abilities serve us as an example time and again. This also holds true for the sealing of the levital® comfort pan. Inspired by the self-cleaning properties of lotus leaves, it allows for healthier frying using little or no fat. The extremely durable levital® sealing also boasts first-class nonstick properties.

Thanks to its elliptical cross section, the levital® comfort pan’s ergonomic safety handle with eyelet is suitable for hands of all sizes. An indentation on the handle’s underside also makes sautéing and tipping easier. 
The induction-compatible cookstar® all-stove base of the levital® comfort pan absorbs, distributes and stores heat particularly efficiently. This way, the input energy is used efficiently.
The raised measuring scale allows you to measure liquids without using a measuring cup. The pan’s capacity can be utilised optimally thanks to its extra-large frying surface. 
The levital® comfort pan with a diameter of 20 cm is the smallest pan in the series, making it ideal for preparing one fried egg/portion, toasting pine nuts or the like. 
The levital® comfort pan with a diameter of 24 cm provides enough space for 2 fried eggs or portions.
The levital® comfort pan with a diameter of 28 cm is the largest pan of the series and provides enough space for 4 fried eggs or portions.

Product details
  • Diameter Top : 20 cm/24 cm/28 cm
  • Capacity 1.1 L/2.1L/3.2L
  • Weight: 0.782 kg/1.180 kg/1.485 kg
  • Body height: 50 mm/60 mm/65 mm
  • Diameter Base : 15,5 cm/18,5 cm/21,5 cm
  • Dimensions :210 mm 400 mm 90 mm/250 mm 440 mm 100 mm/290 mm 480 mm 100 mm
  • Body type :Round
  • Material : Aluminium
  • Series Name : Levital®+ Comfort
  • Country of origin : Germany
  • Handle material :Plastic
  • Surface inside :Nonstick sealing (PTFE)
  • Surface outside : Nonstick sealing (PTFE)
  • Brand :Fissler

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