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Fissler - Joy Line High stew pot 24 cm with two side handles

Fissler - Joy Line High stew pot 24 cm with two side handles

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Joy Series Stock Pot
  • Enjoy the intimate cooking experience
  • Variety of functions, such as soup, porridge, stew, stir-fry, etc., the variety of functions is up to you
  • It is not easy to burn the pot, the three-layer composite pot bottom conducts heat evenly, and it is easy to control the heat without sticking the bottom
  • During the cooking process, the handle is too hot to handle? The handle uses vacuum spot welding technology. The vacuum spot welding handle greatly hinders the heat conduction between the pot body and the handle. Even if the pot body is hot, the handle of the pot will not be hot.
  • Pour the soup and spread it everywhere, always dirty the stove? The non-drip edge design has been finely polished, whether it is clear soup or thick soup, whether it is poured quickly or slowly, the soup will flow back into the pot, keeping the outer wall of the pot clean and the cleanliness of the stove.
  • After long-term use, the bottom of the pot is deformed, and it is always unstable? The 0.3mm micro-concave pot bottom design, humanized detail design, will flatten when heated, and return to the micro-concave state after cooling, effectively coping with the pot’s easy deformation after long-term use.
  • Years of practical experience have created the Fissler soup pot. It is not just a soup pot, but also serves as a dessert/cooking pot with multiple functions, less oil and less smoke. The original flavor and delicious taste.

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  • The heightened arch (glass lid) can hold more food, and more food can be done in one pot.
  • Visible transparent pot cover, real-time control of cooking conditions, delicious food can be seen.
  • 360° anti-drip edge, it is not easy to drip when pouring, keeping the pot wall and stove neat and clean.
  • Steel-aluminum-steel composite pot bottom, even heat conduction, good heat preservation effect.
  • Slightly concave pot bottom, automatic stretching, heating and cooling, not easy to deform.

Material | 304 stainless steel, glass, etc.
Origin| China
Size| 24cm

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